SELMA Makes Student Management Simple

Sales and Recruiting

We provide the tools that allow your team to build relationships, follow-up on prospective leads and ultimately convert enquiries into enrolments.

Manage Students

Keep your records organised, monitor student progress, manage attendance and generate certificates upon completion.


Set-up your programmes from start to finish! Create curriculum items, map components to your programmes and communicate directly with NZQA.

Enrolments & Learning

Synchronise your system and streamline the flow of information between administrators, teachers and students.

Cohort Management

Monitor all aspects of a specific cohort’s progress and attendance via a range of informative reports and SELMA’s achievement matrix.


As an administrator you can create attendance codes and grant access to faculty members.

Grading & Certification

Create grading schemes, manage marking procedures and ensure students have access to certificates and transcripts.


Our integration options ensure processes are well organised and effective.


Adhere to local compliance requirements by generating and submitting reports directly from SELMA.


Access and extract your data in a report or format that works for you and your school.

Apprenticeship & Training

Manage training, report on apprenticeships and process payments via a fully automated online system.

Stakeholder Management

Employers, care givers and parents can track a student’s progress via our Stakeholder Portal.

Contact Support

Need a hand? Email support and our team will be in touch!