Status of SELMA Services

All SELMA services are currently up and running

SELMA Admin Module
SELMA Student Portal
SELMA Stakeholder Portal
SELMA Canvas Integration
SELMA Moodle Integration
SELMA Online Enrolment Form
SELMA Xero Integration
SELMA WordPress Plugin
SELMA O365 Integration
SELMA Salesforce Integration

  Service running normal.            Incident detected

Past Incident Log

Timestamp Incident Description
NZDT 2023-04-18 16:00:00 Log established -from now on system statuses will be updated here

Please use the below ticket link to alert us to any service incidents. Check your email inbox and spam folder for potential updates from us about service incidents. Check the SLA link on the bottom of this page for details about how we manage service incidents. The service health page might take up to 12 hours to update after a potential service interruption.

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