The SELMA Story

As with many software companies, our story also begins with a big idea, late nights and copious cups of coffee.

Founder, David Straub, spent a number of years working within the vocational education sector.

Armed with his experience, David took a leap of faith in 2016 and founded SEBDATA, an Education Compliance and Data Consultancy.

While helping providers navigate the world of compliance, something became evident to David – schools desperately needed access to an innovative, web-based Student Information System. After floating his idea, two trusted clients immediately came on board and committed to using the system once it was ready to go.

David got to work, and after only a few months, a Student Enrolment Learning Management Application, better known as SELMA, was born. SELMA secured approval for government reporting and several customers signed-up.

At this stage, Alex, a seasoned software developer, joined the team and began building SELMA professionally.

David listened carefully to his first customers and the system was developed to meet their needs, and eventually those of other providers.

With each batch of updates we implemented, more client signed-up, and students managed in SELMA doubled annually.

We are now a market leading Student Information System in the Vocational Education space and also cater to higher education, training, apprenticeship, social (MSS) and community providers.

We’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers – the ones who supported us during the early days and those who continue to do so now.

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